THE OBJECTIVE: To reclaim the site as the most important green piece of infrastructure of the valley.

  1. To improve the environmental conditions
  2. To reduce negative health effects
  3. To increase the proportion of green areas per inhabitant
  4. To develop sports and recreational facilities, translated into more than 500 sports courts and 115 km of cycle paths
  5. To increase and encourage environmental education
  6. To raise the volume of waste water treatment
  7. To increase aquifer recharging with the use of reinjection wells in federal zones
  8. To regulate the ZMCM (Metropolitan Zone of Mexico City) avenues during an extreme storm scenario
  9. The Texcoco Lake Ecological Park will create more than 11 thousand direct jobs
This Project will have the capacity to revitalize the social, cultural and educational networks of the most abandoned area of Mexico City. The proposal's intention is to generate a soft ecological edge for the city; this comes as a reaction to the exponential growth seen in Mexico City during the last century; in only 50 years (1950-2000) the city population went from 3 million people to a total of 20. Now, the park can become a negotiation ground between the urban and the rural space.

The proposal involves a series of strategies that will operate simultaneously on several scales and along different subject areas. The idea is for the combination of these strategies to incorporate the territory's potentials to present ecological solutions to problems inherent in the region.

This will continue to be a smart Project thanks to its ability to incorporate new ideas. It will be a "collaborative enterprise" with open-end solutions that will keep the political, economic, ecological, cultural and social systems of this mega city involved.