The intervention strategies aim at restoring the site, allowing short- and long-term processes to be carried out. Through reforestation, re-vegetation and the re-introduction of species, the purpose is to encourage recovery of the lost eco-system.

These intervention strategies also have to focus on the functioning of the eco-systemic services (benefits that human populations obtain from the eco-systems). Human well-being grows through these services, thanks to the biodiversity of an eco-system.

Ecosystem proposal

The park will hold a rich diversity of wildlife habitats and botanical communities, extraordinary natural scenarios for recreation and relaxation. Through ecological innovation and creative design, new biological communities will prosper and will restore the site.

The restoration of ecological systems and recovery of the natural cycles of the valley's hydrological process are proposed through reinforcement of the existing infrastructure and the introduction of important regulation areas.

Plant palette, proposal.

Fauna Palette, proposal.