The mobility Project effectively links the population to the program and the services of the Park, in a way covering the current deficit in this respect in many of the surrounding districts.

Proposal for pathways and cycle-paths for pedestrians and alternative transportation.

The Park will have an efficient, ample traffic, transportation and parking system whose objectives are:
  • To restrict the traffic of private vehicles to the interior of the Park
  • To propose a low environmental impact public transportation system
  • To encourage the use of alternative transportation (ex. the bicycle)
  • To provide entrances all around the perimeter of the Park that are appropriate to the existing border conditions
  • To create a network of avenues, cycle paths and pedestrian paths that become denser toward the program hubs and the entrances.
  • To rehabilitate roads that provide accessibility from public transportation hubs.
  • To provide environmental-friendly solutions (ex.: low-consumption vehicles and permeable traffic areas).